What CDB oil has done for me and my ADHD

My name is Mait Soosalu and I am one of the founders of NirVara and NirVara CBD oil. Nirvara CBD oil is a result of my many years of knowledge seeking and great interest for training, health and food. As I grew up in a family of doctors, I early on understood the importance of that health is equal to wellbeing and that we, human beings, often get sick and unbalanced, which is the core of my personal genuine interest.

I have always had an immense amount of energy and will but always had difficulties to restrain my energy in an effective way. Instead, I become sprawling and unfocused and as young, I didn’t realize that I had ADHD. It took until I was 28 years old until I fully understood my problem and sought help. 

I went through an ADHD evaluation, got diagnosed and thereafter began my medication of amphetamines. The medication helped for my symptoms, but unfortunately only in the short term. I would soon enter a stage in my life where these amphetamines created deep anxiety, insensibility and depression.

During the same period, I obtained an even greater interest for health and began looking for new alternative treatment methods. I read that a change in diet could impact the symptoms, which resulted in that I started to avoid certain foods from my daily intake to see what would impact med negatively. I left out gluten, most dairy products, and all processed food. My change in diet was a success and for the first time I felt that my ADHD got better in a natural way.

After four years of medication and experimenting, I understood my own problems a lot better and that medication consisting of amphetamines was not a good long term solution. As a result of a change in diet, I started to catch a glimpse of light again and slowly my energy became better, despite my medication.

Through my searching for help, I also discovered CBD oil. This oil helped my body to help itself and eventually, after a de-escalation of my medication, I stopped using all medication all together. This revolutionized my wellbeing, helped me find balance and above all, the anxiety and depression caused by the medication had flown out the window. 

With my knowledge of eatables and a vast interest for chemistry, I developed an own variant of CBD oil to help myself and other people. It turned out that the CBD oil was more than just an aid for ADHD, but also it was a great tool for the body to balance itself. Now I wish to, together with NirVara Sweden, spread this fantastic oil forwards to more people and to help more find an inner balance and an enhanced wellbeing.

I take two to ten drops of CBD oil every day and together with a good diet, as well as regular exercise through my favorite sports kitesurfing and parkour, I find clarity and strength, every day.

/ Mait Soosalu, co-founder Nirvara