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Our CBD Vaporizer gives you an easier and quicker intake of CBD and cannabinoids. With the help of a vaporizer you can spread your intake of CBD over the course of a day, and take it as an easy supplement whenever you wish.

CBD E-Juice provides a clean method for inhaling your daily intake of CBD with a good flavour and great comfort. 
Our Vaporizer is easy to use and gives an immediate effect from the CBD. Vaporisers, as opposed to common regular smoking, only produces a clean vapour cloud which is harmless and does not contain any harmful substances. It also provides maximum mobility which means that you can carry it with you and keep your CBD intake on a regular basis. If you are interested in vaping naturally occurring cannabinoids with a safe and proven method, CBD E-Juice with a Vaporizer is definitely something for you.

The package contains a black Aspire Plato.

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Combined package with CBD E-Juice and Vaporizer

With our package you will save money as well as receiving a complete set with E-Juice and Vaporizer, all ready to use.

Aspire Plato Clapton

Aspire Plato is a complete E-cigarette kit with 10ml of E-Juice for you to get started. PLATO Clapton 0.4SUBΩ (40W-50W) is an E-cigarette with high capacity and an E-liquid tank of 4.6ml. You should consider decreasing the strength of your CBD E-Juice slightly when SUB ohm vaping as it provides a larger amount of both vapour and effect.

The Aspire Plato start kit ha an adjustable airflow regulator underneath. For everyone who wish to regulate their airflow, this is a huge advantage. When using a SUB ohm vaporiser (directly to lung) you might need to increase the airflow slightly when comparing to the airflow of a standard vaporiser.

In this premium starting kit, an Aspire 2500mAh 18650 battery is included. The benefit with replaceable batteries is that you can easily switch batteries when it reaches the end of its lifetime, and that you don’t have to discard the whole e-cigarette. You can easily recharge your Aspire Plato with the supplied micro USB cable. If you have an extern 18650 battery charger, you could also have multiple fully charged batteries available, which provides a great advantage as you won’t need to wait until the battery in your vaporiser is fully charged. (Bear in mind that you need batteries with high Amps for this MOD).

You may easily update the software in your Aspire Plato Clapton through the supplied micro USB cable. This allows you to always have the latest version of the software installed, which gives you enhanced features for your vaporiser.

The Aspire Plato kit includes:

1 x Aspire Plato.

1 x Stainless Drip Tip.

1 x Delrin Drip Tip.

1 x 18650 Aspire 2500mAh 20Amp Battery.

1 x Micro USB cable.

1 x BVC Nautilus 1.8ohm vaporiser.

1 x Clapton Plato 0.4ohm vaporiser.

1 x Set of seals.

1 x Tools.

1 x Manual in English

1 x 10ml CBD E-Juice (THC free)


CBD Vape Juice 5% (THC free)

This CBD vape juice is meant to be vaporised with an e-cigarette. The e-juice gives a very quick uptake and effect; most users experience the effect as very calming. Our CBD vape juice is completely free from THC and contains a very pure form of cannabinoids with a great share of CBD and natural terpenes.

To use e-juice: 
For the best effect of the cannabinoids, the vapour should be drawn deeply in the lungs. When inhaling, empty your lungs from air and then breath in deeply and keep the vapour in your lungs for a couple of seconds to additionally increase the uptake. You may without difficulties dilute with other vape juice but when you are vaping with undiluted vape juice, it is in most cases enough with only a couple of inhalations for achieving the desired effect.

When using, inhale a couple of times, and wait for a couple of minutes to feel how you experience the effect before inhaling more. For you who already smoke e-cigarettes, it is a good alternative to mix a couple of drops of CBD vape juice in your regular e-juice.

The e-juice should be stored out of reach of children. 


Concentration: 5% of the cannabinoid CBD

Content: 500mg of the cannabinoid CBD

Extraction method: Liquidated CO2

THC: 0%

Hemp type: Fedora

Bearer: Vegetable glycerine, glycol

Volume: 10ml

Customer Reviews

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Smooth and fast effect

Small, light and handy vaporizer, good fast action, the downside was a little awkward manual.

EVA VILTVINGE, 16/10/2016


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