Question: Is NirVara™ CBD hemp oil the same as “Medical Marijuana”?
Answer: No it is not. We use so called industrial hemp for the production of NirVara™ CBD hemp oil. It is a strain of Cannabis Sativa which is produced to only contain about 0.2% THC which is the psychoactive substance that can provide the intoxicating effect. This industrial hemp is regulated by the EU.
Question: Is NirVara™ CBD hemp oil legal?
Answer: Yes, you don’t need permission to purchase NirVara™ CBD hemp oil.
Question: Can I get “high” on CBD hemp oil?
Answer: No, NirVara™ CBD hemp oil does not give you an intoxicating effect. This is because industrial hemp only contains a maximum of 0.2% THC and you would need much larger amounts of it to achieve any intoxicating effect.
Question: Do you use plants from China in your products?
Answer: No, we solely use controlled plant material from european farmers.
Question: How long is the expiration time for NirVara™ CBD hemp oil?
Answer: NirVara™ CBD hemp oil should be stored at a cool and dark place and lasts about 1 year in a refrigerator.

Question: My mother has been diagnosed with cancer, can the CBD oil help her and cure the cancer?
Answer: We are not allowed by Swedish law to make any health related statements or claim that the oil heals physical or mental illnesses. We therefore request our costumers/users to make their own assessments about CBD oil. We refer to all information that is available on this subject on the Internet. You may also find information on our article page where we have uploaded links to published studies and other research about CBD oil.

Question: How much CBD oil should I take?
Answer: Read the dosage instructions under each product or call our consultation service free of charge at: +4670-790 21 86.

Question: Is CBD oil legal in Sweden and Europe?
Answer: Yes! NirVara CBD hemp oil comes from hemp wich is legal to buy throughout the European Union. In other parts of the world the law can be less liberal, so for that reason we don’t sell our products outside the EU.

Question: What countries do you ship to?
Answer: We currently ship to all of Europe except Norway.

Question: Are your items posted discreetly?
Answer: Yes, very discreetly. There is no mention of CBD, hemp or cannabis on the parcel.

Question: What payment methods do you accept?
Answer: We use Secure Card payment with Payson and Bank Transfer.

NOTE! CBD OIL is not a medicine, it is an all-natural product. NirVara does not claim that CBD OIL can cure any diseases. It is up to you as a customer to do your own research and make your own decision whether CBD OIL is something for you.

*CBD OIL is made from Industrial Hemp and is 100% legal in the EU.