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About Nirvara

Nirvara is a holistic company that stands for awareness, balance, knowledge and above all self-development. We work on developing unique craftsmanship according to ancient alkemic principles, combined with modern technology. At present, our product range consists largely of different types of hemp products, but we also work on extracting oils and extracts from a variety of plants such as turmeric, cacao, chaga and much more. In our shop you will find all our products and product descriptions.


At Nirvara we stand for good products and also we stand for knowledge. Therefore, we regularly host events and lectures on topics such as health, alchemy, the spagyric method, hemp, self-development and much more. See more information under the Event tab. We also have a YouTube channel that we constantly update with new videos every week within the same themes. Click here to get directly to our Youtube channel.
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Our passion is to revive ancient holistic knowledge lost in our modern society. In our production, we combine this ancient knowledge with modern technology to create new unique handcrafted alchemical products. Our vision is to spread this knowledge so that more people and to get a more holistic society.


Mait Soosalu & Joseph Marton founded the company in 2016 with a common interest in self-development and plant medicine. The company then started its own production and sales of hemp oil, which subsequently developed into purchasing distribution of other food supplements and superfoods. It was when they came into contact with the alchemical philosophy and the spagyric method that they realized that production and product development was their thing. 2017 Nirvara invested heavily in product development and the purchase of new equipment that made it possible to produce a wide variety of alchemical products that now expanded the business at full speed. Today, Nirvara is run by several committed partners and employees all of whom are passionate about the same vision.

Nirvara Teamet

Mait Soosalu
Alchemist & Founder

mait [at] nirvara.se

Contact Mait for questions regarding alchemy, sales and business partners.

Joseph Marton

Alchemist, Founder, Production & Product Development.

joseph [at] nirvara.se

Contact Joseph for questions regarding products and production.

Isa Falk
Media & Event

isa [at] nirvara.se

Contact Isa for questions regarding social media and events.

Polina Zinati
Order & Costumer Support


Contact Polina for questions regarding orders and customer support.

Davin Zvorc
Alchemist, Production & Product Development

davin [at] alchemicextracts.com

Contact Davin for questions regarding alchemy, products and product development.

Marcus Hagberg
Production & Product Development

marcus [at] alchemicextract.com

Contact Marcus for questions regarding Production and product development